Gideon de Kock

It's always strange writing about yourself. 

When I take photos I adapt to what the world gives me - it's sink or swim, adapt or die.  Because of this I don't often leave the house with a set plan, but rather see where the wind takes me. I'm fascinated by people and the surrounding ecosystems, and thus tend to view everything with a sense of naivety and wonder, sensitivity and care. I recently fell in love with photography all over again when I realized what a powerful tool and teacher it was in the development of perspective and empathy. 

It's strange writing about yourself when your perception of self is so fluid, but it's a little easier writing about the psychology behind taking a photograph. 

Gideon de Kock is a South African photographer based in Hong Kong

Instagram: Gideondk1

E-mail: [email protected]

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