INFORMAL CHEMISTRY is not a collection of grand gestures, it’s a series of fleeting moments. When captured, these moments ask us to examine the importance of the ‘every day’, the subtle strokes that go unnoticed.

How do you value your home and place? How do you value the people around you and the space they inhabit? What importance do you place on your immediate environment? And what is the value of these images in a space so concerned with grand ambition and artistry?

Here, common objects and moments have transcended to become the supramundane. A hyperfocused view allows things that were once simple in nature to take on meaning beyond their original form and purpose. Through these new ways of seeing, I hope we develop a stronger bond with the world around us, and find empathy and sympathy for our home, and our place in it. With our environment as a mirror, how might we better understand ourselves, and each other?

Informal Chemistry delves into subdued moments of rest, tension, relaxation, isolation and love in places like Hong Kong, South Africa, Namibia and Thailand. We experience solitude, community, trips to the 711 and pure chance. Sincere, honest and untouched moments.

If you see something in a new way, will you ask different questions? Maybe, things become more beautiful the longer you look.

@ Mihn Gallery, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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